Case of the Mondays?

Image: Paul Winner Photography

Image: Paul Winner Photography

Ah, the day so many people dread. Yet it doesn't have to be that way! We can change our beliefs and our experiences by changing our stories about what we fear, dread, or resent.

The fact is, most of our thoughts are WAY OUTDATED and we reinforce them every time we repeat them. (This happens 99% unconsciously, btw.) It's what @paul.chek calls "stinkin' thinkin" and it actually KILLS motivation.

The neural networks in our brain (and body) are constantly programming themselves based on our repeated experiences and the emotional charges (memories) that came along with.

So, if you repeatedly spend half of your Sunday dreading Monday, you WILL continue to hate Mondays UNTIL you flip the script. You will be a slave to your monkey mind until you intervene.

Until you replace that thought with a more inspiring one.

I wonder…what does "Monday" represent to you?

How can you REVAMP that story to put some spring in your step?

In this moment to me, Monday feels like a f r e s h opportunity to wake up, BE GRATEFUL, plan my week, get a scope of what needs to be accomplished, and hold myself ACCOUNTABLE to living my dream and growing my life purposefully. Of course, "my" Monday might look different than yours and that's COOL - what matters is, whatever you're doing, you FIND a "take away" that brings you A step closer to feeling GOOD.

Today I challenge you to replace ONE low frequency emotion (ex."impatience") with a HIGHER VIBE emotion: understanding, compassion, trust, etc.

Feel into WHEN that first emotion comes up (in traffic?), WHY you (might) feel that way, and WHAT you can choose to feel INSTEAD that actually FEELS GOOD, and empowering.

(So if you're loosing your s*** when the dude in front of you at @primalsantacruz is taking forever to order, take a deep breath and find joy that he might be experiencing for the first time something so delicious and nutritious, it takes a bit longer to choose. Rule of thumb? Offer compassion, always.)

This practice can be life changing. When we realize we can ALWAYS change our story, we realize we can change our life.

Happy Monday friends! Take no prisoners.

Love + Light,

Lauren Rose