Vital boost: 

This package is designed to identify your current physical health obstacles and assess your overall physiological stress burden.

Once we’ve identified what is causing you the most pain and explore what you really aim to achieve, I will tailor an introductory holistic lifestyle program designed specifically for your individual needs.

Package Includes:

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment

Health Appraisal Paperwork Analysis + Breakdown

30-Day Transformative Nutrition Challenge

Reduce Inflammation + Detoxify + Heal Your Gut

Intentional Goal Setting + Accountability Protocol

Manage your Stress + Live your Dream 


VItal awakening: 

Committing to a sustainably healthy lifestyle can require long term coaching support. After completing the “Vital Boost” program, clients who want deeper and more powerful healing can continue onto the “Vital Awakening” phase of holistic living. 

In this phase we go deeper into mental/emotional blocks to healing, patterns of addiction, challenges in personal relationships and personal identity, expression, and acceptance. 

Package Includes:

Phase 2 Transformative Nutrition

Intuitive Eating, Metabolic Typing, Muscle Testing

Archetypal + Positive Psychology Blueprinting

Unpack Self-Sabotage + Childhood Conditioning

Navigate Unhealthy Relationships

Identify Your Primary Personality Patterns


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*This is a paid session costing $63